YST Modules Open to NUS Students

YST Conservatory is pleased to announce that 14 Conservatory modules are available to NUS students in the upcoming 2017/2018 Semester 1 starting this month. Current students enrolled in an undergraduate programme in NUS may bid for these modules through NUS’ Centralised Online Registration System (CORS).

The following modules are available in 2017/2018 Semester 1:

GEH1047 Social and Cultural Studies Through Music
GEH1060 Social History of the Piano
GET1040 Communicating About the Arts – New module
GES1020 Western Music Within a Singaporean Context
MUH2202 What Was, and Is, Popular Music? – New module
MUH2203 Music of the Church and State
MUT1201 Introduction to Classical Music Composition
MUT3113 Orchestration A (Year 3 and Year 4 students only) *Placement test required
MUT3216 Bach Suites *Placement test required
MUA1165 Music and Machines
MUA1192/1193 Chamber Singers 1/2 *Audition required
MUA3205 Jazz Study and Performance *Placement test required
MUA2201 Keyboard Literature
MUA3224 Intermediate Keyboard Studies *Audition required

Sited in our state-of-the-art contemporary facility at the cultural heart of the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Conservatory offers a multifaceted cosmopolitan environment for music and music education for the 21st century. Students are able to read classroom-based modules such as Social & Cultural Studies Through Music to music history, theory, technology or keyboard focused modules to ensemble-based classes in choir or jazz.  Last semester, close to 300 NUS students took music modules offered at YST, alongside its full-time music students.

For more information about these modules, please visit https://www.ystmusic.nus.edu.sg/cross-faculty-modules