New Full Time Appointments

As part of our drive to position excellence in collaborative music-making at the heart of the Conservatory’s evolving identity, the YST Conservatory is pleased to announce three new full-time faculty appointments:

Associate Professor Brett Stemple, Head of Brass
Associate Professor Zhang Jinmin, Head of Woodwinds 
Mr Lim Yan, Senior Lecturer, Collaborative Piano
All three faculty members previously held part-time positions at the Conservatory and assume their full-time roles from July 2017. Working closely with one another and with the Dean, Principal Conductor, and other faculty and administrative support, the Conservatory is confident these three active performers will contribute significantly to enhancing and integrating the Conservatory's  ensemble and community engagement programmes. 
“We are really pleased that Jinmin, Brett and Lim Yan are now able to join us full-time. Their contributions over the past decade to Singapore and to the Conservatory have already been significant. I am confident that these three faculty working with each other and with our faculty and staff will ensure the Conservatory’s educational offer becomes even more outstanding in global terms. With their increased commitment to us, the Conservatory is now even more ideally placed to hold a leadership role as music develops an evermore exciting presence in Singapore and Southeast Asia."  – Prof. Bernard Lanskey, Dean