Minor in Music & Society

Available from AY2018/2019 Semester 1 to NUS students, YST Conservatory will be offering a new Minor in Music & Society that specifically focuses on music’s societal dimension. Students will appreciate the broad disciplinary outreach in the minor programme that encompasses the study of music in potential social, political, economic and aesthetic contexts.

Minor Requirements
Students must complete a minimum of 24 modular credits (MCs) in the following:

A) Music Requirements (8MCs)

i) 1 Composition, Concepts and Materials module (4MCs)
MUT1201 Introduction to Classical Music Composition

ii) 1 Contextual Engagement module on music history / humanities (4MCs – Choose One)
MUH2201 Classical Styles and Romantic Spirits
MUH2202 What was, and Is, Popular Music?
MUH2203 Music of the Church and State
MUH3202 Musicology
MUH3203 Opera and its History
MUH 3204 Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUH3205 Chamber Music since 1700
MUH4203 Music Criticism

B) Electives (16MCs, with at least 12MCs at Level 2000 or above)

i) 3 modules from Music & Society basket (12MCs – Choose three)
SE1101E Southeast Asia: A Changing Region
SE2210 Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
SE2214 Arts of Southeast Asia
SE2221 Old and New Music in Southeast Asia
SE2224 Unmasked! An Introduction to Traditional Dance in SEA
SE3210 Studies in Southeast Asian Arts
SE3214 Heritage and Heritagescapes in Southeast Asia
SE3219 Country Studies: Island Southeast Asia
SE3221 Traditional Music in a SE Asian Country
SE3230 Seen and Unseen: Explorations in Balinese Theatre
NM1101E Communications, New Media and Society
NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media
NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods
NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
NM2213 Introduction to Human – Computer Interaction Design
NM3216 Game Design
NM3222 Interactive Storytelling
NM3226 Location-based Interactive Experiences
NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art
NM4224 Sound and Interaction
NM4226 Interactive Media Design Capstone Project

ii) 1 music module offered in the Conservatory (4MCs)

*Please note that Applied Studies are not applicable for Minor in Music & Society

For enquiries, please contact:

Academic Coordinator
Associate Professor Ho Chee Kong

 Above: Students during MUT2201 (Harmonic Practices), taught by Dr. Nick Omiccioli

Above: Students during MUT2201 (Harmonic Practices), taught by Dr. Nick Omiccioli