Connecting Science and Music

On the evening of Friday, 18 November 2016, 60 young musicians aged 12-16 performed at the Singapore Science Centre in ‘Exploring the Elements: A Musical journey’. These young musicians were from the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and local high schools and created music for this performance during the annual YST Creative Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by nine students from YST’s ‘Leading and Guiding’ class, where Conservatory students gain skills in facilitating collaborative music-making workshops for contexts beyond the concert hall. 

Led by Bethany Nette along with faculty mentor Associate Professor Ty Constante, the participants co-created their own original music (with no scores) which has been inspired by the elements of science and nature (fire, water or earth). The collaborative composition process aims to develop the participant’s confidence in their own creative ability, musicianship and also their leadership and teamwork skills. The workshop was also joined by piano faculty Albert Tiu who shared how he prepared for his recent CD Classical Elements and delighted the participants with a contrasting selection of excerpts.

The final performance was held in multiple exhibition spaces at the Singapore Science Centre culminating in an energetic grand finale at the Atrium where all 60 musicians performed a group composition incorporating live lightning from the Science Centre’s Tesla Coil.