Haute école de musique de Lausanne

The HEMU includes three teaching sites located in Lausanne, Fribourg and Sion. Lausanne, one of Europe’s premier cultural and educational centres, is on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux region. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters and the nearby Montreux Jazz Festival are two of Lausanne’s other internationally renowned focal points. It is part of the University of Applied Sciences western Switzerland (HES-SO), the largest professional University in the country, hosting 14'000 students.



Majors available

All disciplines


French & English


Mid February – Late June



Places available

1 per year


The University has over 400 student rooms and apartments available to international students. International students are given priority for housing options. Applications need to be submitted before the specified deadlines to ensure successful applications and accommodation allocation.

Visa & Insurance
Consular/Visa Regulation

GISP students from countries that are non UE/AELE will need to complete applications for visa and entry “Demande d’autorisation de séjour pour étude (hors UE/AELE).

Students should aim to complete application procedures as soon as possible as some visas can take as long as 3 months. If you have any question on visa and entry procedure, please refer to the Swiss Federal Office for Migration website www.foreigners.ch. When booking your flight to Geneva, make sure you have the required visa for the countries via which you may transit.

Health/Medical Insurance

A valid health and accident insurance is obligatory to reside in Switzerland but not in neighbouring France. Students who do not hold a European Health Insurance Card will need to have the “Check form for the equivalent of the Swiss Health Insurance” sent to their home insurance so that these can certify full coverage according to the specific Swiss rules for the duration of the program. Should such a certification not be possible, students will need to sign up for an insurance upon arrival in Switzerland. The BUIS (Office for Student Welfare) have a variety of policies to recommend for as little as CHF 80 a month.

Cost of Living

Estimated figures

Accommodation: CHF 470 - CHF 600

Food: CHF 300

Transport: CHF 45 - CHF 70

Insurance: CHF 436

Others (Misc): CHF 700

Monthly Estimate: CHF 1,951 - CHF 2,106