Voice studies at the YST Conservatory are aimed at developing the gifted young vocalist into a diverse artist with excellent technical facility, a broad range of stylistic knowledge and performance experiences and the tools needed to propel them into a successful singing career either at the graduate or young professional level.  

Enrolment into this program is highly selective and the students receive a unique amount of dedicated, individual instruction. Developing a healthy and efficient vocal technique through weekly lessons and studio classes, as well as through masterclasses with visiting artists, is the primary focus. Language facility in the standard singing languages of Italian, German, French and English, which is absolutely essential for singing artists, are addressed through courses in basic grammar and diction for singers.

Students' performance skills are developed in a wide variety of settings such as studio classes, masterclasses, recitals (a half junior recital and a full senior recital) and other numerous public performance opportunities both on campus and within the broader Singapore community. Students perform in public every semester in both solo and ensemble settings, and get to collaborate with other conservatory students and community organisations on a regular basis. 

Repertoire selected for study is ideally suited to the development of young voices in an effort to allow them to reach their full potential and will include art song of various languages and cultures, vocal chamber music, concert repertoire for solo voice with instruments, and opera and oratorio literature suited to the students' individual interests and abilities. Students will be exposed to a wide range of music styles and genres to better prepare them for a career as a well-rounded vocal artist. 

The combination of focus on technical development, language instruction, and abundant performance opportunities, paired with our generous scholarships, make this programme unique to the region and the ideal place for developing your vocal talents. 

Voice Faculty


Voice students complete individual and ensemble study, recitals, Conservatory and University requirements, pedagogy studies, as well as language and literature studies.