Offered from the 2018/19 academic year, the Music & Society programme offers broad disciplinary outreach encompassing the study of music in potential social, political, economic and aesthetic contexts. It is designed to enable aspiring artists to realise their leadership potential in a range of different emerging contexts, in addition to their specialisation in an instrument, voice, composition, or audio arts and sciences.

With the Music & Society programme as well as the concurrently-introduced Music, Collaboration & Production (MCP) programme, we seek to give students great agency in shaping the later years of their study to reflect their musical identities in their capstone projects and transcripts. In time, such students will no doubt also influence the projects and attitudes undertaken by the Conservatory itself, in the process also encouraging collaborative experimentation within the student body.


music & society Faculty

bachelor of music


*Students who have already completed a Minor in Music & Society and wish to be considered for a BMus in Music & Society must fulfil the Conservatory's audition requirements.