Thank you for your interest in working with the YST Recording Studio, and please read about our studio policy and rates below. We hope you enjoy your recording session.


Operation of the YST Recording Studio ("Recording Studio") and all associated equipment is limited to the Recording Studio Manager and his/her designees only. All use of the Recording Studio is to be arranged through the Recording Studio Manager at the rates as specified below. The Recording Studio is not for use as a rehearsal or practice facility and is off-limits to all faculty, staff and students unless accompanied by the Recording Studio Manager or his/her designee. Recording Studio equipment and supplies are for use in the Recording Studio only and may not be loaned out to anyone for any purpose except with the express written consent of the Dean of the YST Conservatory.


All degree recitals (except junior recitals), YST performances published in the Concert Calendar, Noon performances, and YST senior and ensemble performances are automatically recorded as directed by YST Programming & Productions.

All degree recitals (except junior recitals) are recorded for free without recording charges. Students may obtain copies of their recitals and other public performances by placing a duplication request through the YST Recording Studio Office.

Students who wish to have their non-degree or junior recital recorded by the YST Recording Studio are required to pre-pay a fee of S$50.00 (plus GST). A fee for non-degree recitals that are over 60 minutes long will be determined by the Recording Studio Manager.

To schedule a non-degree recital recording, please contact the Recording Studio Manager at Conductors and soloists of large ensembles may obtain a free copy of their performances by placing a duplication request and indicating whether they were a conductor or a soloist in the performance.


Audio duplication fees cover materials used and services rendered. Editing is not included in the price and is charged at S$50/hour. High-volume duplications (additional copies of the same performance) are available.

Duplications will be completed within 10 working days. Rush duplications (within three working days) will include an additional fee of 25% of the cost. Pre-payment is required before the order is processed. All materials have a warranty for 30 days, replacement only.

Audio Duplication Fees

1 CD/DVD - S$10.00 each
2 CD/DVD set - S$20.00 each
Additional copies of same material - $5.00 each


  • Most large ensemble concerts span two or more CDs.
  • Additional Copy refers to the same performance.
  • 7% GST will be charged


Recording Session bookings require two weeks' notice. An Online Request Form needs to be filled out prior to the scheduled session.

Hourly rates do not include material costs. Bookings must be for a minimum of one hour. A 50% deposit is required and is non-refundable for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice. Rates include the use of the Recording Studio and the services of a student engineer (Studio Manager's rates are double).

Students who wish to record in the Concert Hall or the Orchestra Hall must pay a hall rental fee, in addition to the recording fee.


2-track recording - S$50.00/hour
Editing and mastering - S$50.00/hour
Multitrack recording - S$100.00/hour
Multitrack mixdown - S$100.00/hour
DVD authoring - S$50.00/hour
Non-degree recital - S$50.00 flat fee


2-track recording - S$150.00/hour, S$1500/day
Editing and mastering - S$150.00/hour, S$1500/day
Multitrack recording - S$200.00/hour, S$2000/day
Multitrack mixdown - S$200.00/hour, S$2000/day


The use of personal recording equipment in the Concert Hall, Orchestra Hall and Recital Studio is allowed only under the following circumstances:

  • Recording for personal practice and review during the one-hour allotted rehearsal time for a degree recital.
  • Recording for personal practice and review during the two-hour allotted rehearsal time for a non-degree recital.
  • Recording for personal practice and review during a faculty-supervised repertoire class or masterclass.
  • Recording for personal practice and review during a faculty-supervised rehearsal for departmental recitals or concerts.

Please be advised that outside of the examples stated above, professional-level recordings in the above-mentioned performance halls require the approval of the YST Recording Studio. In addition, the Recording Studio reserves all rights to provide its own student engineers for assistance in these sessions.


The YST Recording Studio will not guarantee the safe storage of recording files, as audio file and session file storage has become a major issue for studios and clients in the new age of digital recording.

Every client needs to provide for their own digital audio file storage. We advise clients to bring your own YST Recording Studio-compatible drive or blank compact discs to the session, and request for audio and file transfer(s). We advise clients to then take their hard drives or compact discs with them upon departure from the studio. Clients may leave the above items at YST Recording Studio at their own risk if they choose to do so. Failure to make the above arrangements will result in clients' audio and session files being unavailable for use.


A deposit equal to 50% of the cost of the total time booked will be required to confirm all studio bookings. The deposit must be received 10 days prior to the session.

Notice of intent to cancel a session must be received by the YST Recording Studio no later than 24 hours before the session. If notice is not received by the YST Recording Studio by then, the client shall be liable for the cost of half of the time booked. For sessions cancelled on the same day of the scheduled session, the client will be liable for the total cost of the booked time.

Should the client fail to arrive for a session on time, need to leave the session early, or complete the session before the booked time has expired, half the amount of unused time booked will still be charged to the client.

Payment for materials and fees is due in full and payable immediately following each session. No recording in the YST Recording Studio shall be released to clients until all payments have been settled.

The Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music reserves the right to change the rates, policies, and equipment where necessary.