Bachelor of Music & Young Artist

1. Snare Drum

Two contrasting solos or etudes demonstrating snare drum rudiments and rolls.

E.g. Mitchell Peters – Intermediate Snare Drum Studies; Charley Wilcoxon – Modern Rudimental Swing Solos; Jacques Delecluse – 12 Studies for Snare Drum; Garwood Whaley – Audition Etudes

2. Keyboard Percussion

Choice piece: One solo or etude demonstrating either 2‐mallet or 4‐mallet technique.

E.g. Nebojsa Zivkovic – Funny Marimba; David Friedman – Dampening and Pedaling Technique for Vibraphone; Emmanuel Sejourne – 19 Etudes musicales de Vibraphone; J.S. Bach – A selection from a Cello Suite on Marimba

3. Choose ONE of the two options below (i.e. A or B):

A) Timpani – i.e. particularly if you are interested in an orchestrally focused curriculum.
I. Solo piece of choice e.g. Nick Woud – Musical Studies for Pedal Timpani, Symphonic Studies for Timpani
II. Additional timpani requirements: Demonstrate tuning skills and rolls of all pitch ranges and dynamic.

B) Another area of percussion expertise – i.e. particularly for those interested in the classical training that YST Conservatory has to offer, but who may have special expertise outside the traditional orchestral curriculum e.g. drum‐set, multi‐ percussion setup, tabla, congas.
I. A solo/etude that demonstrates your expertise on your chosen instrument.
II. A second notated, un‐notated, or improvised piece that demonstrates your stylistic/contextual mastery of your chosen instrument.