YST BMus students benefit from immense support, not only artistically and academically but also in terms of finances. All students accepted into the BMus degree programme are offered generous support which covers all of their financial costs.

Undergraduate education at NUS is primarily funded by the Government of Singapore through a tuition grant* to each admitted student, administered by the Ministry of Education. Where normally, NUS students are also expected to contribute to their remaining costs by paying a subsidised tuition fee, in the case of the Conservatory these are covered by the Yong Siew Toh Endowment and Scholarship Fund, which also provides for all compulsory University Fees, an on-campus housing subsidy as well as a general stipend. The Conservatory is grateful to the Yong Loo Lin Trust and other donors for their support that makes this possible.

*For tuition grant obligations for non-Singaporeans, please read more here.


Young Artist Programme Annual Tuition
Singapore Citizen, SPR and International Student S$7,700

Besides tuition fees, there is mandatory Miscellaneous Student Fees (Student and Health Services Fees) of SGD145.32 per semester for AY2019/2020.