RAS 2nd Major Modules

The RAS 2nd Major requires 48 modular credits for completion and the curriculum includes the following modules:


Foundational Core Modules (20 MCs)

MUA1170 Basic Recording 1 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: Nil

This module will provide students with introductory knowledge of microphone design, and operating principles of the audio mixing consoles. Additional topics will include principles of time difference stereo, pressure difference stereo, and related stereo microphone techniques. Students will be requested to participate in recording all YSTCM events.

MUA1171 Basic Recording 2 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA1170 Basic Recording 1

Continuing from Basic Recording 1 this course will introduce students to the basics of loudspeaker design and operating principles of outboard signal processing equipment like compressor/limiter, and Equalizer. The development of surround sound recording and reproduction technology and related microphone techniques will be also introduced. Students will be requested to participate in recording all YSTCM events.

MUA2170 Multitrack Recording 1 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA1171 Basic Recording 2

This course will introduce the theory and practice of studio near-distancemicrophone techniques for a variety of acoustic and electronic musical instruments. More in-depth coverage of mixing consoles for multitrack recording and basic mixing techniques will also be covered. Students will berequired to finish at least 2 multi-track projects independently during the course of the semester.                                                                                                                                                                  

MUA2173 Acoustics and Psychoacoustics (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA1171 Basic Recording 2

This course explains the phenomena and basic concepts of the room acoustics and also includes the study of the sound perception of human hearing system. The topics will cover sound propagation, sound diffusion, room mode control, reverberation control, sound localization, masking effect, and critical band.                                          


MUA3270 Architectural Acoustics and Acoustical Measurement (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA2173 Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

This module discusses the basic concepts and techniques of the noise control between two enclosed spaces. The topics cover airborne and structure-borne sounds and control, HVAC noise and control, and room or hall design for speech and music.



MUA3170 Audio Mixing (4 MCs)

Workload: 2-2-3-3-0
Pre-requisite: MUA2170 Multitrack Recording 1

This module will cover the concepts and techniques of mixing sound for stereo and multi-channel formats. The primary focus will be on recording studio-based contexts for rock, pop and jazz. Topics will include the mechanics of mixing, music balance control, instrument localization, signal processing in both time and dynamic domain, and the application of the EQ.

MUA4170 Audio Mastering (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA3170 Audio Mixing

Audio mastering is the final creative step in producing recordings for distribution. This module introduces the aesthetic and technical concepts, issues, and strategies employed in final mastering for the audio program. Topics include frequency balance, stereo and multi-channel imaging, dynamics and overall program level control, signal path for analog and digital mastering. File formats and storage system for distribution and replication willbe also introduced.

5 RAS Projects (20 MCs)

MUA2175 RAS Project 1 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: Nil

The module provides the basic concept of the sound of the classical music and some basic stereo microphone techniques for the live classical music concert. Students will be requested to finish at least 2 hours live concert recording each week, and at least 20 hours of total recording time. This project module, as a teaching class, will be fully under direction of the module instructor.

MUA2176 RAS Project 2 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA2175 RAS Project 1

Beside continually handling the live concert recordings. RAS Project 2 also provides the critical concept and skills of classical music production in the recording studio environment. Students will learn how to set up main stereo microphone and spot microphones in the recording studio for generating both studio and live concert style sound. In this module, students will be requested to finish at least 20 hours live concert recording, and at least 4 studio sessions. All sessions must focus on the classical music production. This project module, as a teaching class, will be fully under direction of the module instructor.

MUA3175 RAS Project 3 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA2176 RAS Project 2

This module covers fundamentals of large format digital console design and applications. The module will also provides concepts, skills and hands on experience with regards to close miking techniques. The module will also cover some basic audio editing skills on Protools software. Students will berequested to finish at least 40 hours of recording studio sessions, and submitone 5 tracks CD with technical description.

MUA3176 RAS Project 4 (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA3175 RAS Project 3

This module provides students with the theory and skills required for audio recording and editing techniques for the video programs. Students will be requested to finish at least 2 projects of audio production for video programs.

MUA 4175 RAS Final Project (4 MCs)

Pre-requisite: MUA3176 RAS Project 4

2nd major RAS students need to finish the final project under supervision. Students will be requested to finish one CD production with at least 3 multitrack productions that should focus on pop, jazz and rock music and at least 2 tracks stereo recordings that should focus on the classical music.Students will also need to finish the technical description of their recordings. The description should include the information of equipment operation like microphone set up and parameter adjustment on the outboard equipment, and some consideration about the acoustics.