We believe in the importance of creating multiple pathways and entry points for musical exposure and engagement. For us as a primarily undergraduate-focused institution, this is reflected in the different tiers of opportunity for musical involvement that we offer to NUS students alongside YST students.

MODULES FOR nus students

Every academic year, we offer a number of Conservatory modules to NUS students from all faculties. Current NUS undergraduate students may select these modules through ModReg@EduRec.

For the 2019/20 academic year, we are pleased to offer 20 Conservatory modules to NUS students, which span compositional study, contextual engagement, general education (GE) modules, as well as applied modules in voice ensemble performance, electronic music, keyboard studies, and jazz. Click the button below to learn more.

MInor in music & SOCIETY (24 MCS)

Offered beginning in the 2018/19 academic year exclusively for NUS students, the Minor in Music & Society is intended as a capstone for NUS student engagement that extends musical exposure with a consideration of music in social, political, economic and aesthetic contexts. For NUS students interested in developing performance or composition capabilities, please see Access to Major Study below.

Read more about the Minor in Music & Society via the button below.

ACCESS TO MAJOR (first-year nus students)

Access to Major allows first-year NUS students to initiate intensive major study in performance, composition or audio arts and sciences. Students who pass an audition are given major study access for one academic year, during which they are expected to take first-year Conservatory modules in the major field. Responsibilities within the module include engagement as required with solo work, ensemble activity and studio classes as relevant in the specific major study area. Click here to learn more about Majors at YST.

Upon satisfactory completion of all required modules as part of Access to Major Study, they would be eligible to be considered for the Second Major in any of YST’s Major Areas, where they can then take modules for second-year students and higher.

Access to Major Study in the Conservatory is directly linked to the Conservatory audition process for the Bachelor of Music programme. Prospective NUS students may also apply to gain Access to Major in their first year of study.

Learn more about our other programmes here.

Learn more about the Second Major in Audio Arts & Sciences here.