Performers(‘) Present is a triennial artistic research symposium exploring, and reflecting upon, ways in which the moment of performance engages with the multifaceted concepts of “present”:

Now (adj.), “the present time and place”:

In our increasingly interconnected yet isolating times, being truly present – in a particular moment and place - often seems like a rare commodity, and thus ever more essential for an authentic ‘live’ artistic presence. On the other hand, in our digital world, when and where is “here and now”?

A Gift (noun), “offering a present”:

Every performance is a present: the potentiality for an exchange of musical gifts in the reciprocated relationship between performer and audience.

To produce or organise (verb), ”to present an event”:

There is arguably a formal dimension to the verb ‘present’ which suggests particular effort or profile. How does one present in a rapidly evolving cultural landscape?