The Percussion & Harp Studio

Our percussion and harp studies aim to provide holistic training for students by developing their capacities in solo, ensemble and orchestral performance.

As the intake in each cohort is deliberately very small and highly selective, every student benefits from intensive personal attention from their teachers, who are internationally-respected musicians as well as principals of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

All percussion and harp majors have opportunities to perform in concerts, masterclasses and outreach activities that take place throughout the academic year, both on campus and in the community. In their fourth year, students work towards a full-length senior recital which is performed in the Conservatory Concert Hall.

Percussion Faculty


During their time in the Conservatory, all harp players perform regularly with at least one of two large ensembles - the Conservatory Orchestra (led by Assoc Prof Jason Lai, Principal Conductor) and the Conservatory New Music Ensemble. Both ensembles provide training and performance opportunities, exposing students to the music of the 18th through 21st centuries. Additionally, each area organises sectional rehearsals which enhance students' exposure to core orchestral repertoire. Every semester, YST also holds dedicated chamber ensemble concerts.