All students must be registered before commencing a course of study at the University. Registration refers to a formal process whereby a student enrols at the start of his/her period of study to become part of the NUS student community. The Registration consists of two stages. In Registration (Part 1), all students make specific online declarations and complete acceptance records. In Registration (Part 2), students complete the registration procedures by reporting to the YST Student Life Office.


Registration (Part 1)

3 July (from 9am) - 18 July 2018


All YST freshmen must complete Part 1 of the NUS Registration Exercise before reporting to the Conservatory for orientation in mid-July.

In Part 1, students have to update their personal particulars, agree to abide by the policies which form their Acceptance Record; and complete the specified Authorisation Requirements.

Freshmen must also indicate "YES" if they are applying for the Tuition Grant offered by the Ministry of Education towards subsidizing the tuition fee at this stage of registration. 

Students who are under 18 years of age at the time of completing Part 1 must print the following forms from the “Authorisation Requirements” section, have their parents/guardians sign on the forms and bring them to the Registration Centre for submission:

  • Release of Liability

  • Authorisation of Medical Procedures / Appointment of Local Representative (for International Students)


Registration (Part 2)

21 July 2018

Registration (Part 2) is conducted on the first day of YST Orientation. All students must note the following instructions:

  • All students who are below 18 years old must submit the "Release of Liability Form" and "Authorisation of Medical Procedures/Appointment of Local Representative Form" signed by a parent/guardian to the Conservatory Student Affairs Office.

  • Singaporeans must submit the MOE Tuition Grant Application Form which they have printed and signed, to the Conservatory Student Affairs Office.

After completing the above, the YST Student Life Office will update the student status on the NUS Integrated Student Information System to activate the Student Card and complete the registration procedure. Freshmen will be issued the NUS Student Card from the YST Student Life Office once the cards have been activated.


Pre-admission Medical Examination

20 & 23 July 2018


As an admission condition, all incoming students are required to undergo a medical examination. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to or exclude a student from any particular course of study if he/she declines to undergo the health examinations or refuse any prescribed tests.

The medical examination will be done at the University Health Centre (UHC) at scheduled times during the first week of YST Orientation.



All full-time undergraduate, graduate students and non-graduating students are required to subscribe to an insurance scheme provided by the University. Please click here for more information.