GLOMUS Camp in Natal Brazil

Two students from YST Conservatory participated in GLOMUS Camp 2017 Bridging Cultures Through Collaboration and Co-creation, held in Natal, Brazil from 10-20 January 2017. GLOMUS (Global network for higher music education) was founded by the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Finland) – a partner of the YST Conservatory, and Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (Denmark) and aims to develop intercultural communication, promoteknowledge sharing and encourage and inspire international interaction between the arts. In its fifth year, this iteration was hosted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, and had its largest attendance on record with approximately 150 participants from 30 different institutions. 

Bagaskoro Byar Sumirat (BMus Year 4, Oboe major) shared his experience:

“During my experience at GLOMUS, I was inspired by everyone’s energy and love for the arts, I have never seen such energy like that before in my life! And after sharing and receiving so many new experiences with such a diverse range of people, I feel I now have a new international family. During the sessions I got to experience and play music from all over the world, including African, Arabic, Brazilian, Japanese, and Chinese music and we even tried dance and theatre!

During the small group activities, I was involved with the free improvisation group and Arabic music group and for the larger ensemble activities, I participated in the GLOMUS orchestra. I also had the opportunity to present music from my home country (Indonesia) including Balinese, kecak and Malay music. 

My participation in the GLOMUS music camp was something that I would love to do again, it had a huge positive influence on me personally and on my concept of the arts in general. After the camp, I now feel I can explore my imagination in all kinds of ways, not only in music or sound but also gesture and visual ways. Now I have many new friends from around the globe that will be great contacts for the future. The experience is something that I would never forget in my life!”

Read also about Mervin Wong’s (BMus Year 3, Viola major) transformative experience at GLOMUS 2017 at his blog: 

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