Ministry of Education

Join the MOE as a Music teacher and help our students develop their physical and creative abilities.


To become a Music teacher, you must first enrol for the PGDE programme. The training will be 16 months long and you will be bonded to a Primary/Secondary/Junior College to teach for 3 years.

The PGDE training programme at NIE will typically cover:

  • Education Studies

  • Curriculum Studies

  • Practicum

  • Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills

Overview of Application:

Applications would be processed within 5 weeks of the application closing. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview where they are required to complete a written assignment, give a short lesson demonstration followed by a discussion with the panel. Applicants may also be required to take additional tests as required by the Ministry.

Teaching Bond:

Tuition fees for all PGDE trainee teachers are fully paid by the Ministry of Education. While undergoing training at NIE, trainee teachers will receive a monthly salary and year-end bonus. Upon completion of their NIE training, they will serve a 3-year teaching bond. A trainee teacher who fails to graduate from NIE or whose services are terminated before fully discharging the 3-year bond will have to pay liquidated damages to the Ministry.


Salary and Benefits:

Successful candidates without teaching qualification will be appointed to the Singapore Education Service as trainee teachers on the General Education Officer scheme of service. You will receive a full monthly salary while contract teaching in school or undergoing NIE training. Additional salary increments may be granted for relevant working experience.

Upon successful completion of NIE training, you will receive a salary (including any additional increments granted) commensurate with your qualifications and experience.

Application Windows for December 2016 intake:

31 Mar - 20 Apr 2016 - interview period from May - Jun 2016

16 Jun - 6 Jul 2016 - interview period from Jul - Aug 2016

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