Master of Music

(Currently not offered for AY2018/2019)

The Master of Music Degree is a two-year, full-time programme of study designed for those just completing a qualifying Bachelor of Music degree in Singapore; or returning to Singapore after completing appropriate university-level studies overseas; or current music teachers with a strong capacity in one of the major study areas who wish to upgrade and advance their professional qualifications.

Alongside the major study focus, students are required to complete 32MCs (normally 8 modules) from the Analysis & Composition, Contextual Engagement or Professional Integration areas. Students are encouraged to design their own study programmes, enrolling in modules from at least two of these study areas and with the intention of developing those skills and abilities most appropriate to their professional activities and aspirations.

Goals and Objectives

- to promote higher level music study in the individual's major area (i.e. instrumental, conducting, composition); 

- to develop both instrument-specific and group pedagogical capacities relevant to both the Singaporean and international music education communities; 

- to develop ancillary professional studies to complement the performance and pedagogical studies needed for success in the music industry.

Learning Outcomes

- a high level of practical performance competence in their major study instrument, conducting, or composition

- a deeper knowledge of musical interpretation and performance, keeping in mind the stylistic features which define various musical traditions

- experience with high level involvement in chamber, choral and / or orchestral music contexts, in many cases playing leading roles of responsibility in the various ensembles (i.e. first chairs in the relevant orchestra section, etc.) 

- an understanding of a range of fundamental approaches to music pedagogy and workshop leadership from both a theoretical and practical perspective

- professional development experience in a wide range of performance and teaching contexts

- the ability to communicate musical intentions in a variety of solo and ensemble settings