YST has been reflecting on its identity, exploring potential pathways for us to re-imagine our distinctive nature as an internationally-oriented conservatory situated in 21st Century Asia. Having graduated our tenth full cohort of students and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Conservatory building, we realise that we are entering a new age.

It invites us to envisage the diverse futures open to us in a dynamic new and changing world.

We are ready for new challenges, our building is ready for some re-envisioning of its spaces, and our alumni are now beginning to become a vital part of the professional musical fabric, both locally and globally.

Listening becomes our focal point, connecting our past, our present and our future, offering continually renewing light as we seek to evolve an ever richer, and more meaningful engagement with music and through the making of it.

Listening is a light that illuminates, guides and enlightens every individual, signifying a beacon of excellence for art music from Asia in the 21st century.

The inner circle symbolises YST positioned in Singapore as the centre of gravity for art music, as part of the nation’s Renaissance City vision - a distinctive global city of the arts - influencing the world represented by the outer circle. The moving lines formed depict the ripples of change, exemplifying the powerful interactions resonating from the conservatory to the rest of the contemporary world.

The sonically driven symbol is a music-generated identity, cascading upon itself with the tempo of each song. The symbol is accompanied by the new YST sonic signature, composed to embody the spirit of YST and Singapore. Three variant renditions of the sonic signature were arranged to create three “living” symbols, to represent the Conservatory’s dynamic nature, encouraging others to recognise YST by listening.