Fees & Scholarships



Bachelor of Music Subsidised Tuition Fees + Tuition Grant = Annual Tuition
Singapore Citizen S$13,450 + Tuition Grant = S$113,150
Singapore PR S$18,850 + Tuition Grant = S$113,150
International Student S$28,800 + Tuition Grant = S$113,150

(The above are tuition fees per annum, applicable for AY2018/2019.)

All students accepted into the B.Mus Degree programme are offered a generous financial aid package upon admission. The package covers the subsidised Tuition Fee and all compulsory University Fees. It also provides an on-campus housing subsidy capped at SGD4,270.50 per year, subject to successful housing application and a general stipend of SGD3,120 per year.



(Currently not offered for AY2018/2019)

Master of Music Subsidised Tuition Fees + Tuition Grant = Annual Tuition
Singapore Citizen S$16,550 + Tuition Grant = S$59,950
Singapore PR S$23,150 + Tuition Grant = S$59,950
International Student No Tuition Grant = S$59,950

Financial Aid is available but not guaranteed for all students. Students may apply for financial aid after getting an offer of acceptance into the coursework.



Young Artist Programme Annual Tuition
Singapore Citizen, SPR and International Student S$7,700



CPE Certificate in Music Leadership Total Tuition
Singapore Citizen, SPR and International Student appr. S$8,000

S$400 per modular credit (up to 20 modular credits required for completion)

Financial Aid is not available.


Tuition Grant

The annual 2018/2019 full tuition fee for the Bachelor of Music (Hons) Degree programme is SGD113,150.

At present, undergraduate education at NUS is highly subsidized by the Government of Singapore, which pays for the bulk of the operating costs besides the infrastructural costs. The substantial tuition subsidy from the Government of Singapore comes in the form of a tuition grant which is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offered to all admitted students. Students who apply and are approved for the tuition grants need only pay subsidised fees.

While the tuition grant is not repayable, all Singapore Permanent Residents and international students will be required to undertake a service bond under the terms of the tuition grant to work for a Singapore-registered company for three years upon completion of their degrees so as to discharge some of their obligations to the Singapore public for the high subsidy to their university education.

Under the cohort-based fee system, tuition fee for an intake cohort of students will be fixed throughout the student's candidature.

More information about the MOE Tuition Grant can be found here.