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7th Singapore Performers Festival & Chamber Music Competition

  • Conservatory Building YST Conservatory 117376 Singapore (map)


9am – 8pm, Orchestra Hall




9am – 10:15am, Recital Studio

The Four Chopin Ballades

Dean Kramer, presenter


10:30am – 11:30am, Recital Studio

Critical Thinking: Becoming and Creating Independent Learners and Performers

Greg Petersen,  presenter


11:45am – 1pm, Recital Studio

Preparing Students to Handle Stage Fright

Scott McBride Smith, presenter




11:30am - 1:30pm, Ensemble Room 1

Roger Lord


1:30pm – 2pm, Ensemble Room 1

Toh Chee Hung


2pm - 4pm, Ensemble Room 1

Dean Kramer


4pm – 5pm, Ensemble Room 1

Claire Wachter


5pm - 6:30pm, Ensemble Room 1

Dennis Lee


6:30pm – 7pm, Ensemble Room 1

Nopanand Chanorathaikul


7pm – 8pm, Ensemble Room 1

Scott McBride Smith




This programme is presented by the Singapore Music Teacher's Association.

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