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Beyond The Score: Piano Duo - Classical Music in Everyday Life

  • Suntec City Guild House 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02- 401/402 Suntec City Mall, 038983 Singapore (map)


Le Triomphe de Bacchus (L.38)
I.   Divertissement

Paganini Variations (For 2 Pianos)


En blanc et noir (L.134)
II. Lent. Sombre

6 Morceaux, Op.11
II. Scherzo


Attending a classical music performance on an evening brings about a celebration of many things, and among them notably are three things - enhancing our knowledge of the world with relation to the arts, expanding our colour palette in social life, and last but not least, a peace of mind.

Although, if we take a closer look at what makes a classical music performance, we may find that the magic of music that happens on stage is also present in everyday life and accessible to everyone!

duodentity - a piano duo comprising of Gabriel Hoe and Adriana Chiew, pianists from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music - invites you to take that closer look (and hearing) with them from the perspective of two pianists, and explore the presence of that magic in our everyday lives, together!


duodentity comprises of Malaysian Adriana Chiew and Singaporean Gabriel Hoe. They will always be grateful to the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YST) for the propitious meeting and forming of this duo, and are looking forward to completing their Bachelor of Music (Hons) with the school in 2 years’ and 1 year’s time for Adriana and Gabriel respectively. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Albert Tiu for solo piano and Professor Thomas Hecht for duo piano, duodentity has made its debut at the Victoria Concert Hall on 24 March 2018 and has been blessed with opportunities thereafter not just for performing but arranging (and performing) duets as well.

duodentity will be performing the repertoire prepared for the 2018 North West International Piano Ensemble Competition. By doing so, duodentity hopes to place themselves on the global music map and be messengers of YST, extending the reach of awareness of the school and the music community of Singapore at large to their music counterparts from other countries.

Whether by fate or mere coincidence, both Adriana and Gabriel took up the same Junior and Senior Special Advanced Courses in Yamaha Music School in their own countries, and share the same interests for many things, such as their love for vanilla soft serve!

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