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Forum Series: The Learning Curve - Why Am I Learning Music?

  • Steven Baxter Recital Studio YST Conservatory 117376 Singapore (map)

KHOO HUI LING, presenter


The Learning Curve is a new and ongoing series led by Dr. Khoo Hui Ling, which explores challenging aspects of teaching and learning in music education. It is a discussion not just for educators, but for students and parents too; it tackles issues both public and private music educators may confront, raises questions students can reflect on, and discusses decisions that parents often struggle with.

‘Why Am I Learning Music?’ is the first of this series. It is a question students of all levels ask, whether out of frustration or plain curiosity. Masked behind this question are issues of motivation and learning objectives. This presentation explores the vastly different outcomes that varying answers to the above question lead to. It lays on the table approaches that educators and parents can take to nurture an environment of inspired musical learning.


For pianist Khoo Hui Ling, playing the piano is a vulnerable and precious expression of what is in the heart, beyond where words can go. She enjoys sharing this experience through both performing and teaching. Hui Ling is currently Instructor in Music Studies at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, and Founder and Pedagogy Consultant at The Music Studios, where she mentors piano teachers and students. Prior to her current teaching appointments, she has taught in various capacities - as a teaching intern at the Peabody Preparatory, a Graduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Oregon, and a Higher Music Programme teacher at Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore.


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