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Forum Series: Music to your ears: What Every Musician Needs to Know about How the Ear Works and Breaks

  • Steven Baxter Recital Studio Conservatory Drive Singapore Singapore (map)

William Martin, presenter

The human ear is a phenomenal and delicate structure designed to perform highly accurate spectral analysis of acoustic signals over a massive range of intensities and deliver the information to the brain for processing and interpretation.  Musicians must become skilful listeners in order to monitor and regulate their own production of music.   Even greater listening skills are required when the musician must not only monitor their own sound production, but simultaneously monitor the music being generated by multiple other musicians surrounding them as, in concert, they seek to create a cohesive, flowing, dynamic and often inspiring flow of acoustic energy.  Damage to the structures of the inner ear can cause several problems that can be devastation to the musician.  There can be loss of sensitivity at different signal frequencies (hearing loss), non-linearities in processing (recruitment or hyperacusis) and pathologically generated, subjective, intrusive internal sounds (tinnitus).   The most common cause of these career-threatening conditions is damage to the inner ear resulting from over exposure to hazardous sounds.   The good news is that all of these can be prevented easily with an understanding of safe listening parameters related to sound intensity and duration and implementation of simple hearing protective strategies.  

This presentation will give musicians an understanding of how sound is processed by the ear, the sound levels and durations can damage the ear, the consequences of sound induced hearing loss and how to protect their ears for a lifetime. William Martin is currently a professor of Otolaryngology at the National University of Singapore where he directs the M.Sc. graduate training program in Audiology and continues as co-director the Dangerous Decibels. 

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