English Placement Test

20 July 2018, 10am

What is EPT?

The EPT is an English Language placement test set by NUS Centre for English Language Communication for students entering the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.
YST freshmen who have taken G.C.E./Cambridge 'O' level English or 'A' level General Paper are exempted from this test. All international freshmen must take the test, unless exempted by the Conservatory. Please contact the YST Student Life Office if you are unsure if you need to take the test.

The purposes of the EPT are to:

1.   Determine the appropriate placement of students into the following modules:

  • English for Academic Purposes (Music) I (EM1201) or

  • English for Academic Purposes II (EM1202)

2.   Identify students who may be exempted from taking any of the above courses.

The test administered consists of a written test only. There is no specific preparation for the EPT beyond making use of good English language learning courses.


Format of Test


EPT Writing Test Format

Students will be required to read a text and write a response to a question prompt within 90 minutes.  Responses are evaluated on content of the response, organization of ideas, and language use.



The EPT results will place students into the bands listed below.  Band placement will determine the English language modules required for graduation.


-  No English class required


-  EM1202 in Semester 1, Year 1


-  EM1201 in Semester 1, Year 1, EM1202 in Semester 2, Year 1