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At the core of our beliefs is Passion, without which there would be no music at all. Our role as a conservatory would not be fulfilled if we merely trained mechanical instrumental specialists. Rather, we endeavour to raise up musicians whose daily lives are empowered by and overflow with classical music, whilst nurturing their love for the art.

It is from this passion that the innate desire to be exceptional is manifested. The pursuit of Excellence drives each musician to reach the pinnacle of their potential and beyond. In doing so, their hearts might be perfectly reflected in the art music that they make, enabling them to explore new possibilities.

From within our Conservatory’s walls outwards to NUS, Singapore and beyond, Resonance is not simply about cultivating a close knit circle of music makers and aficionados, but growing this community by championing the importance of classical music in enriching the world.

It is our ambition that by abiding by our values and through our students, we will be able to transform and transcend the boundaries of education through art music.