Second Major in Recording Arts & Science


The Conservatory offers the Second Major in Recording Arts & Science by combining courses in recording arts with science and engineering. In conjunction with a primary (“first”) major, this second major aims to equip students from various faculties with a strong foundation and knowledge in key advanced topics in the burgeoning area of recording arts & sciences and thus better prepare them for career opportunities in engineering and related fields focused on development of audio and music technologies.

By supplementing their first major with this second major in Recording Arts and Sciences, students will establish a context within the field of audio and music technology for their primary degree program. Through exposure to the theory, concepts, techniques, and tools common within the audio and media industries as well as a practical application of these areas of exposure, students will gain understanding and appreciation of the contexts within which audio and music technologies are used. From this basis they may pursue career opportunities in the development of new technologies. Their ability to relate engineering and design goals to the opportunities, constraints, and complexities of actual production work will increase their capacity to develop appropriate and useful technologies in a range of fields from software, and analog/digital hardware systems to improved microphone, speaker, and other transducer designs.

Current students enrolled in an undergraduate programme in NUS who have just completed the first year of study may apply to read the RAS as a second major. Students interested in the programme should have preferably taken Physics and Maths at H2 level in the G.C.E. ‘A’ level examinations, or Science and Maths subjects at G.C.E. ‘O’ level, or Science and Maths modules in their first year of studies at NUS.




Beginning from AY2017/2018, a small number of NUS students from other faculties may be able to access undergraduate major study areas at the Conservatory. This option is already available in relation to Recording Arts and Science but the change will offer possible opportunity in relation to all performance areas and to composition. The audition requirements and standards of performance will be equivalent to full-time Conservatory students. Students with significant musical talent who are drawn strongly to another degree programme but wish to continue to connect intensively with music may consider applying for access to major study.




Current students enrolled in an undergraduate programme in NUS have the opportunity to bid for some modules in the Conservatory. These modules range from classroom-based modules such as "Western Music in a Singaporean Context" to project-based classes such as "Introduction to Electronic Music".

For further enquiries on modules offered to NUS students, email: