Certificate Programme

The CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Certificate in Music Leadership is a non-degree programme, requiring 1 - 3 years part-time study for completion, intended for current or aspirant professional musicians and music teachers in Singapore to advance their formal qualifications. 

The goals and outcomes of the various classes offered in the CPE Certificate in Music Leadership include:

Enhancing the individual’s musicianship as well as developing an awareness of musical concepts, history and humanities;

Developing pedagogical capacities relevant to both the Singaporean and international music education communities.

The learning outcomes provided include:

Having a knowledge of musical interpretation and performance, keeping in mind the stylistic features which define various musical traditions;

An understanding of a range of fundamental approaches to music pedagogy and workshop leadership from both a theoretical and practical perspective;

Professional development experience in a wide range of performance and teaching contexts.


Curriculum Overview:

The CPE Certificate in Music Leadership offerings include a varied range of study options in:

(1)   General Pedagogy and Professional Development

(2)   Ensemble Performance Activities

(3)   Conducting

(4)   Music History

(5)   Music Theory

(6)   Humanities

CPE Certificate students will enroll in a total of 20 MCs from the list of 3000- and 4000-level modules in the professional studies basket of modules (i.e. non-solo performance modules.) Students are encouraged to design their own study programmes, enrolling in modules from at least two of these study areas and with the intention of developing those skills and abilities most appropriate to their professional activities and aspirations.

These modules for the 2015 / 2016 academic year include:

General Pedagogy and Professional Development

MUA3209 Business for Musicians (3 MCs)

MUA3212 Improvisational Styles and Techniques: An Exposition (3 MCs)

MUA3214 Introduction to Pedagogy (3 MCs)

MUA3215 World Music for Creative Performance and Workshops (3MCs)

MUA3264 PD Independent Project (3 MCs)

Ensemble Performance

MUA3205 Materials of Jazz Music 1 (3 MCs)

MUA3206 Materials of Jazz Music 2 (3 MCs)

MUA3219 Balinese Gamelan Ensemble 1 (2 MCs)

MUA3220 Balinese Gamelan Ensemble 2 (2 MCs)


MUA3105 Conducting (2 MCs)

Music History

MUH3201 The Evolution of the Orchestra (3 MCs)

MUH3203 History of Opera (3 MCs)

MUH3204 Medieval and Renaissance Music (3 MCs)

MUH3205 Chamber Music Since 1740 (3 MCs)

MUH4203 Music Criticism (3 MCs)

Music Theory

MUT3204 Intermediate Keyboard Studies (3 MCs)

MUT3205 Advanced Keyboard Studies (3 MCs)

MUT4203 Practicum in Online Learning in Music (3 MCs)


MUL3203 The Art of Rituals and Recreation (4 MCs)

MUL3202 Science and Technology as Artistic Innovators (4MCs)




Application information will be announced in the coming months.