Bachelor of Music

Conducting is not offered as a major study option for the Bachelor of Music Degree and the Young Artist programme.


Master of Music

Candidates are required to submit a good quality DVD (or link to Vimeo, YouTube, or other online video platform) of unedited and uninterrupted footage of their conducting. The video, which should be no longer than 20 minutes, should show the applicant as the conductor clearly from the front view and should include excerpts of both rehearsal and performance.

Candidates are also required to submit an additional DVD of a performance of a repertoire of at least 10 minutes consisting of at least two contrasting pieces, movements from compositions, or songs of their own choice using any musical instruments. Any style, genre, or period is permissible. Candidates with composition background may also choose to present a portfolio of at least 2 original scores written for different combinations of instruments/voices (for example, piano trios, string quartets, large ensembles, etc).

Candidates shortlisted will be notified of a study repertoire 2 weeks before the audition. Candidates will go through 4 rounds of audition:

Round 1:    Conduct two pianos
Round 2:    Unseen conducting study with small ensemble. Candidates who pass the first two rounds will proceed to the final rounds
Round 3:    Rehearse and conduct a large ensemble
Round 4:    Interview