Apply for Housing

8 May - 5 June 2018

Students interested to live in an NUS student hostel are required to submit an application for Semester Stay via the University Hostel Management System (UHMS) portal within the stipulated exercise period.

A non-refundable application fee of SGD26.75 is payable. Failing which, the application will be void and will not be processed.


Accept your housing OFFER

22 - 28 June 2018

Students are required to login to the same housing portal to check their housing results. To confirm the acceptance of housing allocation, students must accept the offer online and pay an acceptance fee of SGD200.00 by 28 June 2018. YST students receiving financial support for housing will be able to get a refund of the acceptance fee by October. Students who withdraw from the hostel will not receive any refund.

Students who fail to accept their offers within the stipulated acceptance window will have their offers withdrawn. Their places will be automatically re-offered to the awaiting applicant. In addition, students who fail to accept or reject their offer will be accorded minimal consideration for subsequent accommodation re-offers for the rest of the Academic Year.


Hostel Options

Halls of Residence: *

  • Eusoff Hall
  • Temasek Hall
  • King Edward VII Hall
  • Raffles Hall
  • Sheares Hall
  • Kent Ridge Hall

The Halls are known for their vibrant CCA, rich history and culture. Living in the halls is akin to having another family in school altogether. Each hall has its own distinct culture and is led by a hall master and an elected hall committee. Residents are expected to participate actively in hall activities. * Meals are catered and residents are required to subscribe to the compulsory meal plan.

Residential Colleges: *

  • Tembusu College
  • College of Alice & Peter Tan
  • Residential College 4

The Colleges are learning communities where students – enrolled in an academic programme – learn from and live alongside their peers and professors. * Students are required to subscribe to the meal plan as the dining experience aims to foster community amongst students and faculty/staff by bonding over meals.

Student Residences:

  • Prince George's Park Residences

The Residences offer independent living with opportunities for cross cultural interaction with the international community of students. As Residences offer more privacy, they tend to be quieter than Halls.