Application for AY2017/2018 Admission

Access to Major Study for Prospective NUS Students


Beginning from AY2017/2018, a small number of NUS students from other faculties will be able to access to all undergraduate major study areas at the Conservatory. This option is already available in relation to Recording Arts and Science but the change will offer possible opportunity in relation to all performance areas and to composition. It should be stressed that the audition requirements and standards of performance will be equivalent to full-time Conservatory students but we do recognise that some students with significant musical talent are drawn strongly to another degree programme but wish to continue to connect strongly with music. Prospective students applying for enrolment in NUS for AY2017/2018 who are keen to explore the possibility for reading a major study at the Conservatory as a non-music student are welcome to register their interest during the Conservatory's normal admissions exercise from 15 September to 15 December 2016. Prospective applicants are advised to study the application/audition requirements listed under "Requirements to Apply" in advance before the application period commences.

Please note that current NUS students are also able to access many of the Conservatory's more general academic modules with the possibility of even developing a minor or second major linked to music (subject to final endorsement by NUS). Please email for more details.

When to Apply

Application is submitted online through the Conservatory Admissions Portal which will be active from 15 September to 15 December 2016.

Supporting Documents

In addition to submitting an online application during the application period, prospective applicants must also prepare a list of supporting documents to submit after applying online, which will include the following:
(i) One coloured passport-sized photograph,
(ii) One photocopy of passport or identity card,
(iii) One certified true photocopy of transcripts including all semesters of study in high school, or 'A' level, polytechnic, university or other institutions.