Application for AY2018/2019 Admission

Bachelor of Music
Young Artist ProgramME


When to Apply

Application for admission to B.Mus and Young Artist programmes for AY2018/2019 is open from 15 September to 1 December 2017.


Supporting Documents

(i)   One recent coloured passport-sized photograph

(ii)  One photocopy of passport or identity card

(iii) One certified true photocopy of transcripts including all semesters of study in high school, or 'A' level, polytechnic, university or other institutions

(iv) One original student status letter reflecting the date of enrolment, current year of study and expected completion/graduation date. If you have completed school, please submit a certified true copy of your graduation certificate.

(v) Pre-Screening Video (For Piano Majors only)
Each piece must be uploaded as a separate file and labelled to indicate the composer, title and movement e.g. the Prelude & Fugue and each sonata movement should be recorded as a separate file. For consistency, each piece must be an unedited recording performed in one sitting with the same conditions e.g. grand piano, room. Recordings should be submitted electronically via Google Drive, DropBox or other available accessible platforms online.

(vi) Scores & Recordings (For Composition Majors only)
Scores and recordings should be submitted electronically via DropBox, Google Drive or other available accessible platforms online. Scores must be in PDF format and recordings should be MP3 format. Recordings may be MIDI renderings of the score, but performances by live players is preferred.


Successful applicants may continue to request TWO referees to submit their recommendations online using the APPLICATION NUMBER and RECOMMENDATION CODE provided after submitting the online application form.