YST Conservatory - Identity

For YST as a conservatory and a community for music-making, listening is our focal point that connects our past, present and future, offering continually-renewing light as we seek to create ever-richer engagement with music. It is also an illuminating light that signifies a beacon of excellence for art music from 21st-century Asia.

The inner circle of our logo symbolises YST positioned in Singapore as the centre of gravity for art music, as part of the nation’s Renaissance City vision of being a distinctive global city of the arts. The moving lines formed depict ripples of change, reflecting the powerful interactions resonating from the Conservatory to the rest of the contemporary world, as represented by the outer circle.

With passion as a motivating force for the pursuit of excellence, we seek to develop musicians who continually explore new possibilities and give music greater resonance – from our Conservatory’s walls outwards to NUS, Singapore, and beyond.