Singapore is renowned as an international hub for commerce, finance and technology, and a cultural nexus of the East and the West with a significant position on the world stage.

A young, modern city rooted in deep multicultural heritage and open to global influences, Singapore is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene – one with a dynamic outlook informed by the traditional and the contemporary, at home in concert halls as well as in the heartlands. With well-recognised government and institutional support for education and the arts, a growing network of musical and artistic organisations big and small, and frequent collaborations with artists from abroad, Singapore offers rich potential for creativity at large.

Beyond the walls of the Conservatory, we seek to make a positive impact in the Singapore community. With the support of our community partners, we conduct around 100 events annually in spaces across Singapore, including museums, schools, and hospitals. At a larger level, we seek to be an artistic platform that gives music greater resonance nationally, regionally and globally.